Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

Q: What is AI Signature?

A: AI Signature is an innovative online tool that allows you to create, customize, and enhance your digital signature effortlessly using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

Q: Is AI Signature really free?

A: Yes, AI Signature is completely free to use. Create and enhance your signature without the need for sign-in, login, or credit card information.

Q: How does AI Signature work?

A: Simply draw your signature on the intuitive pad, customize settings like pen size and canvas dimensions, let our AI enhance the aesthetics, and download your unique signature securely.

Q: Is it free to use AI Signature?

A: Yes, AI Signature is completely free to use. Create and enhance your signature without any cost or hidden fees.

Privacy and Security

Q: Is my signature image stored on your servers?

A: No, we do not store or retain any of the signature images created using our tool. Your privacy and data security are our top priorities.

Q: What third-party tools are used, and how is my data handled?

A: We use Google Analytics for insights and AddtoAny for social sharing. For detailed information, please refer to our Privacy and Security page.

Signature Creation

Q: Can I customize the pen size and color?

A: Absolutely! AI Signature provides customization options for pen size, color, and various other settings to ensure your signature reflects your personal style.

Q: Can I use the generated signature for legal documents?

A: While AI Signature provides a creative and aesthetic tool, it's recommended to verify the acceptance of digital signatures on legal documents in your specific context.

Technical Support

Q: I'm experiencing issues with the tool. What should I do?

A: Check our How It Works page for a step-by-step guide. If issues persist, feel free to contact us with details, and our support team will assist you promptly.

Q: Is there a tutorial on using AI Signature?

A: Yes, we provide a tutorial on the How It Works page to guide you through the signature creation process.

Sharing and Collaboration

Q: Can I share my created signature on social media?

A: Absolutely! Use the provided social sharing buttons to share your signature creation journey with friends and colleagues.

Q: How can I spread the word about AI Signature?

A: We appreciate your enthusiasm! Visit our Share and Spread the Word page for tools and tips on promoting AI Signature.

Have a question not answered here? Contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you!